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Today was a good day


I spent a lot of today alone. And it was amazing! I spent more time than I'd have wanted trying to deploy this application (coming soon) - but I did so with balance! I woke up early ready to tackle the day and then a couple hours later around noon, I'm like - eff this, I'm craving a casserole... so I stop what I'm doing and then I make one. And I justify it, right. It's a Saturday. Work, Life balance and all that. I continued on re-reading the 5th Harry Potter book (I read the entire series at least 5 times as a kid). I walked my dog, Appa. And even gave her a bath too.... Like, I was actually on fire today. Amazing. Working from home is IT. But, as I begin this job hunt.... I'm bracing myself for having to potentially show my face in an office (gasp!)